Kate Raynes-Goldie

What games can be

TEDxPerth 2012
December 2012

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What games can be: Kate Raynes-Goldie at TEDxPerth

Kate Raynes-Goldie talks about the re-emergence of traditional games and board games and the new role that they are playing in bringing together a community.

Kate Raynes-Goldie
Experimental Game Designer

Dr. Raynes-Goldie is a purveyor of unconventional games for positive change. She co-founded an award-winning non-profit called Atmosphere Industries which is focused on making the world better through new ways to play. Using high-tech and low-tech games that combine chalk street maps with smartphone apps or board games with tablet PCs, the ‘boards’ in the games they create are usually in the physical world, rather than just the screen. This means their games get people out in the world, engaging in their communities, reinvigorating public space and connecting with social issues. These games are also excellent tools for new and effective ways to learn.

Dr. Raynes-Goldie recently completed a PhD at Curtin University’s Department of Internet Studies, where she is now teaching, and has had her work published in several books, including one funded by the MacArthur Foundation. Originally from Canada, she travels the world working on game, privacy and community consulting projects and presentations, particularly for NGOs/non-profits and government. Her favourite claim to fame is that she was on MTV, twice.