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Oct 26, 2017

Ray is a globally recognised influencer and commentator on sustainability and technology.
With all the positivity TEDxPerth has for the role of technology in solving the 21st century’s wicked problems, there are downsides. Noelle’s talk is an important contribution to the debate on how our liberties can be threatened by the internet.

Conversely we all wish we knew what the future holds for us, and Ray, as one of the world’s most in-demand futurists, is better placed than most to tell us.

Noelle Martin Contemporary Women and Ray Wills Future Smart Cities come together November 11 at TEDxPerth 2017 with two very different talks involving technology.
Noelle went from victim to survivor to law reform activist for the criminalisation of image-based sexual abuse. She fights to dismantle the shame and taboo around women’s sexuality and the hyper-sexualisation of women’s bodies.