Get involved with TEDxPerth

Core Team Volunteers

Events on the scale of TEDxPerth require a passionate, dedicated team with diverse skills and experiences. Our team are volunteers united by a belief in the transformative power of ideas. Since our foundation in 2012, our team, led by our Licensee and Creative Director, Joel Miller, has worked tirelessly to build TEDxPerth. Together, we are proud to be part of an extraordinary global community of TEDx organisers.

We value diversity and encourage anyone with the right motivations, skills and experiences to apply for a role on our team. Further information and a list of current roles available.


Day Volunteers

In addition to our core team, we recruit a large crew of volunteers to help us on event day. Roles include:

  • Welcome and registrations
  • Ushers and information
  • Runners

Opportunities for Day Volunteers will be made available in August/September 2018.

TEDxPerth Partners

We welcome the brightest and best organisations and brands to partner with us, share our vision and engage with our community.

We invite you to discover why and how you can partner with TEDxPerth and talk to us at