Simon Amos

A robot bricklayer and a smarter brick

September 2019

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A robot bricklayer and a smarter brick | Simon Amos | TEDxPerth

Will the sturdy brick houses of the future be made by robots? What other opportunities in architectural design could this unlock - and what might it mean for the future of housing and the housing industry?

Simon Amos is a keen advocate for the use of data as the single point of truth in construction - gaining us the increased efficiency and productivity that results when the gap between design and execution is bridged. His work at FBR demonstrates how robotics can replace dull, dangerous and dirty work in the construction industry - and perhaps reduce the cost of housing while increasing quality.

Simon Amos
CEO, director and keen cyclist

CEO and Director of Construction Technologies at FBR, Simon has been in the construction industry for over 30 years. He is an advocate for leveraging data to become the single source of truth in construction, particularly in trying to bridge the gap between design and site execution.