Chantal Caruso

The simple truth for reversing climate change is right in front of us

November 2020

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The simple truth for reversing climate change is right in front of us | Chantal Caruso | TEDxPerth

It's not the science, or the government that will be the solution. Chantal shares with 250 of Western Australia's most influential advocates for a zero carbon future a simple revelation, a revelation that has her feeling positive that climate change can be fixed, and it doesn't have to be at society's expense.

Chantal Caruso

With 15 years’ experience across
government, academic, startup and
non-profit sectors, Chantal brings a
wealth of experience to her current
role as a director of policy and
research at the Clean State initiative.
Chantal is the lead author of the
Clean State Jobs Plan, 26 big ideas
for 200,000 jobs, and the co-author
of two reports on the impact of WA’s
LNG industry on climate change.
Previously, in her role as Senior
Advisor to former Greens Senator
and Deputy Leader Scott Ludlam,

Chantal spent almost eight years
between Perth and Canberra and
was responsible for eight federal
portfolios including Housing,
Cities, and Transport. Over this
time she co-authored three
successive 100% renewable
energy reports for WA, a national
housing affordability plan, and
the groundbreaking Transforming
Perth and #DesignPerth reports.
Chantal is a massive urban design
nerd and is a qualified planner,
having completed a Masters of Arts

in Sustainable Urban and Regional
Planning at Murdoch University
and an urban design immersive
at Harvard University Graduate
School of Design.
She is a published researcher in
the area of green buildings and in
her spare time she’s the secretary
of the Beaufort Street Network and
volunteers for the West Australian
Council of Lived Experience.
She’s a Taurus and likes dogs,
deliberative democracy, and
brutalist architecture a lot.