Brendan Hammond

Why doing the right thing is good business

November 2020

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Why doing the right thing is good business | Brendan Hammond | TEDxPerth

Brendan's decades in the mining industry taught him how, and how not, to do business. Considered by many as a maverick, Brendan continues to prove that putting people and the environment at the heart of commerce isn’t contradictory. Now, at the cutting edge of a brand new industry, he has the opportunity to build the world’s largest power station, and for it to be great for people and great for our climate.

Brendan Hammond

Brendan is driven by a conviction
that enterprises succeed best when
they properly serve the interests
of all stakeholders – specifically by
ensuring that short-term interests
are appropriately balanced with
long-term common good.
Brendan is the Head of Australia
for Intercontinental Energy, the
largest member of the consortium
developing the Asian Renewable
Energy Hub in the Pilbara region of
Western Australia. Brendan is also
the Project Director for AREH.
Brendan spent 24 years with Rio
Tinto and, as Managing Director at
Argyle Diamonds, he established
Argyle as the benchmark of
sustainable practise in the
resource/utility and infrastructure
sectors across Australia.

This was demonstrated in 2005 by
the Argyle Participation Agreement
between Argyle and its Aboriginal
Traditional Owners which remains
a best-practise example of such
relationships in the industry globally.
In 2011 Brendan was awarded the
West Australian Citizen of the Year
Award in the category of Governor’s
Award for Regional Development.
In 2014 Brendan completed eight
years as the inaugural Chairman of
the Board of Horizon Power. He has
been the Chairman of the Western
Australian Regional Development
Trust and the Chairman of the
Pilbara Development Commission
since 2017. Brendan has focused
both organisations on the urgent
need to transform the economies
of Western Australia and Australia

away from their growing
dependence on the extraction
of non-renewable resources.
In this regard he currently leads
a State Government-wide
process to achieve this.