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TEDxPerth is guided by two simple beliefs: that ideas have the power to change attitudes, lives and ultimately the world - and that ideas are empowered when they are shared.

TEDxPerth is presented at one of Australia’s premier venues — the Perth Concert Hall. As the second-largest independently organised TED event in Australia, TEDxPerth is regarded as a leading TEDx event worldwide. Ideas selected for presentation at TEDxPerth are not only seen by our live audience of 1,600+, but also, are professionally filmed and presented freely online.

An example of TEDxPerth’s impact: Hamish Jolly’s TEDxPerth talk on biomimicry and wetsuit design has achieved worldwide attention with almost 3 million views and translated into 27 languages.

It’s all about the ideas. We receive hundreds of applications to speak, but only sixteen speaking slots are available in our main program. Competition for selection is fierce - so if you have an idea to share, how do you stand the best chance of being selected?

Tell us your idea by answering these three questions concisely and convincingly

  1. What is your idea worth spreading?  This is not what you’ve done, or plan to do. Instead, what is the idea that you need the audience to understand?
  2. Why you?  Why are you the best person available to deliver this message?
  3. Why will the audience care?  How will your idea relate to them, their family and/or their community?

We are NOT looking for

✗  Advertising.  TEDxPerth will raise your profile, but there will be no selling from the stage. If you have a service or book to sell, this is not the forum to promote it. This is a platform to share ideas.

✗  Religious or political campaigning.  Talks often touch on political or spiritual matters, but never in a politically or religiously divisive way. 

Your submission needs to be concise, so choose your words thoughtfully.

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If you have an idea worth spreading and would like to speak or perform at TEDxPerth use this link.

Or if you don't wish to speak, but are are excited about something you want to see at TEDxPerth - a concept we should explore, a speaker we should approach, or a performer who would be amazing - tell us about it here

If we want to pursue your idea we’ll be in touch within four weeks of submission. If you have any questions about speaking at TEDxPerth email us at