Brad Norman

Citizen science

TEDxPerth 2013
December 2012

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Whalesharks and citizen science: Brad Norman at TEDxPerth

With ever-increasing computing power in our smartphones, Brad Norman talks about the potential that this power brings for everyday people to contribute to research and science, with lasting effects on the conservation of our environment and the species that this unprecedented level of public engagement brings.

Brad Norman
Citizen Scientist

Brad Norman is the Founder and Director of ECOCEAN, a visual database of whale shark (Rhincodon typus) encounters. He is also a Marine Biologist with the Centre for Fish, Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems Research at Murdoch University.

Brad and his team have won a host of awards for his innovative work with whale sharks: The National Geographic Ocean Hero Award 2010; WA Science Awards Outreach Program of the Year 2009; National Geographic Emerging Explorer 2008; the Peter Benchley (JAWS) Shark Conservation Award 2007 (Science); Rolex Awards for Enterprise 2006 and the Sun Microsystems Duke’s Choice Award for Innovative Use of Java Technology 2005.

Brad believes that engaging the public to assist in the conservation of our environment, and the species within, can and will have significant benefits.