Ingrid Cumming

Two Worlds

TEDxPerth 2014
October 2014

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Two worlds | Ingrid Cumming | TEDxPerth

Ingrid Cumming is of the Whadjuk Noongar people from what is now known as Perth, Western Australia. She has grown up in two worlds, the indigenous and non indigenous Australia. Despite her painful trauma as a child, she found herself and spread the word of two worlds collaborating to make a new Australia. 

Understanding and embracing her culture and getting an education from both worlds has made her see the potential our nation has to make Reconciliation not a talking point, but a reality. 

Cummings shares her story to inspire others that this can be done. We can acknowledge and embrace diversity and difference as a positive rather than a deficit.

Ingrid Cumming
Custodian, Traditional Owner of Whadjuk Noongar Country

Ingrid Cumming is a custodian and traditional owner of Whadjuk Noongar country. Ingrid has worked in many areas including national and local Indigenous Australian media (including film, radio and print), marketing and communications, state health, the arts, anthropological research, higher education and is now CEO and Principal Consultant of Kart Koort Wiern.

She has been a delegate to the UN International Conference for Women Leaders in 2013, an advisor in the PhD research group on ‘Urban Aboriginal Women’s Beliefs and Attitudes to Sexual Violence’ and placed third at the National Indigenous Comedy Competition – Deadly Funnies.

Ingrid holds a Bachelor of Arts in Australian Indigenous Studies from Murdoch University and is a graduate of the Management and Academic Leadership Programs and the MURRA Aboriginal Business Program at Melbourne Business School.